Give Your Cedar Fence A New Look With Whitewash

30 December 2014
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Cedar fences are known for their ability to withstand the elements without any sort of finish or paint. However, this does not mean you cannot paint them if you prefer a painted fence to a natural one. A great way to give a cedar fence a painted facelift without completely hiding the beautiful grain of the wood is to whitewash it. This is a job you can probably tackle on your own over a weekend. You may want to have a few friends or family members pitch in, depending on the size of your fence.

Step #1: Get your supplies in order.

To whitewash a fence , you will need:

  • White latex paint (any brand will do)
  • Fresh water
  • A large, 4-inch paintbrush
  • A smaller, 1 or 2-inch paint brush
  • A large bucket
  • A stir stick
  • A large pile of old, clean rags

Step #2:  Prepare your whitewash.

To make your whitewash, combine equal portions of paint and water in your bucket, and stir well to ensure the mixture is uniform. If you want a very light whitewash, you can add an additional half-part of water. However, a mixture of half paint and half water works beautifully in most circumstances.

Step #3: Paint on your whitewash.

It is important to work with a small section of fence at a time, since you don't want the whitewash to dry before you have the chance to rub it in. Use your large brush to cover the large areas, and dab paint into the smaller creases using your smaller brush. Paint in the direction of the grain, but don't worry about getting it perfectly even – that's what the rubbing is for.

Step #4: Rub in the whitewash.

After you have painted a small section of the fence, use a clean, slightly damp rag to rub the whitewash into the grain and also remove any excess. Don't rub harm enough to wipe all of the paint off. It may take a little time to get used to the pressure needed to create your desired look. Rub harder for more see-through whitewash, and more delicately for a more opaque finish.

Once you have whitewashed your entire fence, step back and admire your work. After the fence is dry, if you decide you want it to be more opaque, you can apply a second coat of whitewash following the same instructions above. Let the fence dry, and it should stay looking white and bright for years.

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