Keeping The Air Clean While Building And Maintaining Wine Cellars

6 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

One of the problems with building a new wine cellar is that it's often going to involve working in a confined space. Whenever you work in a confined space, especially when you plan on having a lot of products, like wine, nearby that produce moisture, there are a few safety concerns you should absolutely worry about, including equipment you can use to help stay safe.

Axial Blowers and Dust

It's obviously important to use a mask and to find someone with proper training to use this device, but an axial blower is ideal for extracting dust from underground areas with enclosed spaces. The important thing with axial blowers is to make sure that they have a strong casing that's resistant to potential dangers like corrosion or chemicals.

Digging a new hole in the ground as the initial part of creating a new wine cellar is an important first step, but removing the heavy particles of pulverized dust is critical to making sure that you stay safe during the operation.

Mold and "Filterless" Filters

Another important thing to worry about both with digging and maintaining a wine cellar is mold. Evaporation from wine barrels is going to mean that you have high humidity content in your enclosed space. As a result, this is often the perfect environment for mold.

One way to deal with this in the long term is with a "filterless" filter. An example of such a filter is one that uses Photocatalytic Oxidation, which is a way of destroying mold and other contaminants through oxidation, with no filter required.

This is useful for maintaining wine cellars and other enclosed spaces because it means that the place will stay safe without you having to continually remember to change the filter. If you forget a single time and then go down there, you could be exposing yourself to dangerous contaminants.

Other Contaminants and HEPA Filters

The term "HEPA" means "High efficiency particulate air," and it refers to a filtration system that can trap 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. This makes HEPA filters are an effective way of catching any dangerous particles or gasses in the air that could be missed by other filtration methods.

It's important to get something that just says HEPA, and that has the actual "99.97%" number listed in its description, because there are a lot of pretenders out there that use expressions like "HEPA-like."

Overall, it's important to be thorough in terms of air filtration throughout the life of your wine cellar to be sure that you don't end up getting sick. For more information about the specific equipment you may need, contact a company like Public Works Supply.