Give Your Sewer Pump A Stir

9 January 2015
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Did you recently come home from a vacation, only to find out that your sewer pump was malfunctioning? As you look around, you might notice that your home lost power while you were away. If so, then your pump might not need to be repaired. It could be perfectly fine but not be strong enough to pump out the sewage at the bottom of it.

Losing Power

Without electricity, sewer pumps cannot run. They may stop pumping when a storm knocks out power to your entire home, or your circuit breaker may trip and cut off their supply. Either way, your sewer pump will turn off until power is restored to it.

Most of the time, an interruption in your sewer pump's electricity will not cause any significant issues. The pump will not operate while it is without power, but it will immediately turn back on and work fine once electricity is restored.

If your pump does not have power for an extended period, however, it may have difficulty resuming its normal duties when it turns back on. For example, if you were out of town for a week and your pump was without power since the second day you left, then it might not be able to start up right away.

Solidified Sewage

During normal operation, your sewage pump is continually getting rid of waste that contains both solids and liquids. In your plumbing, this sewage becomes soupy. As long as the waste flows easily, your pump should have no trouble moving it along your plumbing.

Trouble ensues when your pump does not run for some time, because the waste that sits in it separates. The solids sink to the bottom; the liquids rise to the top. Once your pump comes back on, it will be able to pump the liquids on top easily. The solids at the bottom, however, may be too thick for it to move.

Give It a Stir

Often, getting a sewer pump that has been out of commission for a little while to run is not difficult. It usually just needs a good stir. When the pump is turned off, reach down with a long stick and stir the waste in it. Try to mix the solids in with the liquids. When you are finished stirring, take the stick out and turn the pump back on. Hopefully, you were able to mix up the waste enough so that the pump can process everything in it.

In many cases, this is an easy fix for sewer pumps that were turned off. Sometimes, however, it does not work, and you will need to call a plumber like Forrest Sewer Pump Service to repair the sewer pump.