3 Pool Features That Can Help Improve Your Mood

20 January 2015
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When you are ready to install a new backyard pool, or make some upgrades to the pool you already have, choose your new additions wisely. Here are three pool additions that can help increase your mood while they make your pool a nice home feature.

Tanning Pool Shelf

A backyard pool makes a great area to lay by and get a nice tan, but it can get pretty hot with the reflective water. A tanning shelf is an area on the side of your pool where the water is just a few inches deep. You can tan in shallow water without getting too hot.

A tanning shelf in your pool can help your mood by exposing you to more sunlight. Studies have shown that people who are exposed to less sunlight have more symptoms of depression. People who are exposed to more sunlight have better moods and less depression. 

In a recent poll, 72 percent of people said they find tanned people more attractive, and 66 percent said they think people with a tan look healthier. So, besides having a better mood from the sunshine-induced serotonin, you will have a nice tan that can help you look better and feel better about yourself.

It is important to watch the amount of sunlight you expose yourself to so you avoid burning your skin. Also, check your skin regularly for any signs of skin cancer.

Pool Bar

When your pool has a sitting area around an in-pool table, you will be able to host more backyard pool parties with your friends. Adding more socialization with other people into your life can help increase your mood and can help you get out of a feeling of depression. 

When you are laughing and having a good time, your brain releases chemicals that help elevate your mood. And, a relaxing pool environment can help you de-stress with friends or while you are alone.

Pool Slide

Installing a pool slide onto your pool is another feature that can help your mood. Any type of physical activity or exercise that gets your heart pumping can release feel-good chemicals in your brain. The burst of activity you get from running up the slide steps, then the exhilaration you get from sliding down into the water can help increase blood flow in your body and to your brain. 

Adding certain pool features, from companies like Contemporary Pools Inc, in your backyard pool can improve your life with a better mood.