Concrete Tiles Vs. Clay Tiles

4 February 2015
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Tile roofs have been used for centuries. You will find them on the villas lining the Mediterranean coasts. Thus, using roofing tiles on your home can give your home a link to the past and to the high life. While it is common to see tiles used with stuccoed homes, new styles of tiles can help them to blend in with other building styles. If you are considering tiles for you your home, you have a choice between concrete or clay tiles. While they are both good options, a careful comparison will clearly demonstrate the better tile. 

The Advantages of Tiles

When you use S-shaped tiles on your home, the shape of the tile will create a channel beneath the tiles. This channel will allow heat from the tiles to rise up the deck of your roof. Special vents built into the ridge tiles will then allow the heat to escape. This design will help to allow heat to vent away from your home. 

A Close Look at Concrete Tiles

When manufacturers create concrete tiles, they impregnate the concrete with a dye so that the color permeates they entire tile. This being said, the color is still added to the mixture instead of being an integral component. Thus, over time, the color will fade.

A second consideration with concrete tiles is that they are susceptible to the ravages of mother nature. They will still last for 30-40 years. Compared to asphalt-shingles which only last for 15-20 years, concrete shingles are a good choice for longevity.

The main attraction of concrete shingles is that they cost much less than clay tiles. For the lower price, you still get good value, but if you are willing to pay the extra money, clay tiles can offer you better value. 

A Close-Look at Clay Tiles

The color of clay tiles does not come from an added dye. Thus, when you buy clay tiles, you never have to worry about the color leaching away and causing your tiles to fade. Moreover, clay tiles can last for well over a century in good conditions. While clay tiles cost more money than concrete, the higher price is based more on a better value than on clever advertising or market trends. 

Tiles might not be as common these days as asphalt shingles, but they offer a good value for a homeowner. If you are pushed for money, concrete tiles make a good compromise between cost and features. On the other hand, if you can afford the higher price, clay tiles are the better choice. For more information, contact roofers like Suncastle Roofing Inc.