Three Situations That Necessitate A Land Survey

12 February 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you own a piece of land, you have an active agreement between yourself and the state in regards to property boundaries. As the land owner, it's your job to be sure you follow all laws pertaining to zoning, building, and planning.

Below are three situations in which it's important to obtain the services of a professional surveyor:

When Buying Property

Many lenders require land to be surveyed prior to purchase, though not all do. Even if the survey isn't required by the lender, it's still a good idea to know exactly how much land you have and the boundaries within it. This can save you from legal trouble in the future.

This is especially true if the property you're purchasing wasn't surveyed by the previous owners. Without a survey, you may be giving up precious land—that you're paying for—to neighbors and others who are encroaching on your property without knowing it.

When Refinancing Your Home

In the time between the initial purchase and your refinance, laws may have changed that pertain to zoning and building. Most lenders require a survey that has been done in the past six months. This survey will allow you to fix any property discrepancies and encroachments before any legal issues arise.

A survey will also help you to determine your home's current value. If you have more land than once thought, it's important to add that into your home's estimated value. When refinancing, it's important to get as accurate an idea as you can as to what your home's worth.  

When Adding On to Your Home

To avoid legal issues and additional costs, have your property surveyed before making any additions. The surveyor will also know about any building laws that will require specific parameters, so it's a good idea to have them mark out the exact spot you'd like to build to see if it'll be legal to do.

Without a survey, you may be building onto someone else's property. If they have a survey done, you'll be required to remove it from their property immediately. This can be extremely costly and time consuming.  

If you've recently purchased land, are planning an addition, or are looking to refinance, it's your job as the property owner to hire a professional surveyor. While not all lending agencies require surveys, it's a good idea to know your property boundaries so you can follow local laws and regulations. When building, it's absolutely necessary to get your land surveyed, as building on property not your own can be costly and time consuming.

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