Storing Items In A Warehouse

19 February 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When storing things inside a warehouse, you will want to use methods that will help keep items out of the way, while being easily seen and readily accessible. Having a system to find items will also need to be implicated so things do not get lost inside a large area. If you are getting started placing items in a new warehouse, here are some tips to help you find them without difficulty, while keeping them out of the way of workers and machinery.

Industrial Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are used in warehouses to house large items. The shelving on the racks can be adjusted to different heights and they keep items off of floors or in containers where they cannot be seen. Warehouse pallet racks can have heavier items placed on lower shelves in a way where they can be moved via the use of a forklift or handcart. Lighter items can be placed on higher shelves, and a ladder can be used for retrieval.

When placing items on industrial pallet racks, use a labeling method underneath each item and input it into an inventory program. When looking for an item, simply find the corresponding number to retrieve the item you are looking for. A benefit in using pallet racks is that they can be placed in any area of the room without needing a wall to brace the unit. You can set them up in rows to make aisles for walking through when looking through inventory.

Metal Shelving Units

Shelving units work similarly to pallet racks, except they should be used for lighter items so the metal does not bend or dent from weight. These units are usually placed against walls and secured into place using brackets so the shelving unit does not fall over if weight is distributed unevenly. Shelves can be rearranged into any height pattern, making it easy to fit different sized bins or totes on the shelves to house smaller items.

Bins And Totes

When working with small hardware, auto or machinery parts, or similar materials, the use of bins and totes can be to your advantage when creating your storage area. Like parts can be kept in a bin or tote together, with a label placed directly on the container holding the items. The containers can then be carried off of the shelving unit to be looked through at a comfortable table. Bins are open containers that you can place your hand into directly from in front of the shelving unit. Totes will allow you to cover the items so there is less risk of spillage.