How To Start A Recycling Program In Your Office

9 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If your business goes through a lot of paper, aluminum and plastic products, it might be time to start a recycling program. No matter what size business you have, the items your throw in the trash has an impact on the environment. Recycling is easy to do, and starting a program in your office is a great way to help save the environment. Here are some ways to introduce a new recycling program at work.

Explain the Benefits

Start by explaining the benefits of having a recycling program to your employees. They need encouragement and motivation to keep up with your recycling plans. Start by explaining how it saves energy and will reduce how much waste is sent to landfills. You can even prepare a slideshow or video that has statistics of your local recycling efforts and how much your landfills are filling up with trash that could have been recycled and used again. Explain how you need to conserve your natural resources and to reduce pollution in your town.

Make it Easy to Recycle

Inconvenience is often the reason why employees don't want to recycle. They know the benefits, but when they are busy with a call or have limited time for a break, they may not want to gout of their way just to throw away an aluminum can or piece of paper. Make it as easy and convenient as possible. If you have areas in your office with large trash cans, put recycling containers right next to them. This really encourages employees to throw their paper and plastic into the recycling containers instead of the trash. You can also set up smaller containers throughout the office, so employees don't have to walk too far.

List What Can be Recycled

Your employees may not know exactly what can be recycled, so it helps to make it easier for them. If you are going to have multiple bins for paper, plastic, and aluminum, label them accordingly. Otherwise, just have one large recycling container in each part of your office, with a list of what should be recycled. This may include paper coffee cups, plastic soda bottles and water bottles, paper, and cardboard. Send out flyers to everyone so they know beforehand, and hang up the lists around the office.

Provide Reusable Cups

To further the recycling effort, you can reduce waste in your office by providing reusable cups. Either ask employees to bring in their own glass coffee mug, or have some printed with your company logo on them. That way, employees are using these cups for coffee, water and other drinks, and you don't risk them not using the recycling containers.

Schedule Recycling Pick-Up

You will also need to arrange for recycling pick-up services. They can come into your office and empty the recycling bins on a regular schedule, or when you call and mention the containers are full. You can also have your custodial staff empty them and put them into larger recycling containers like those provided by C F Maier Composites, which can be kept by the dumpster, which is then picked up by waste management and brought to a local recycling center.