Learn How To Use Snow Mounds To Attract Business To Your Company

19 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When it snows, it is important to have the snow removed from your parking lot as soon as possible to ensure that your patrons are able to get into your business with ease. A plow will push the snow to the outer edges of the parking lot to get it out of the way. When you have large piles of snow around the edges of your lot, it can look a bit unsightly, however there is something you can do to make the snow piles look better and even attract people to your parking lot which could drum up more business. Use the following guide to learn how to paint your snow mounds to turn them into works of art.

Pick a Design

The first thing you need to do is choose the design you want to use for each mound in your lot. If the mounds can be rounded to make them look like smooth hills, you could create lady bugs around your lot. Beetles, cars, and even balls can all be created using paint on the snow mounds. You could also paint the name of your business on the mounds to use them for marketing your company, as well.

Create Your Paint

Next, add a few tablespoons of food coloring to a spray bottle that is ¾ of the way full of cold water. You want to use cold water in the spray bottle because hot water could cause the snow to melt slightly as you try to paint it. Food coloring is used in the spray bottle instead of paint because the food coloring will not be harmful to the environment when the snow melts and the ground soaks up the water.

Create the Design

Use the paint to create the design you have chosen for each mound. There are any intricate areas that you want to create, you can use a paint brush to paint the small details to create the look that you want. When you paint the snow with the paintbrush, you need to be sure that you barely touch the snow as you could damage the mound if you attempt to press into it too firmly.

You should start to see a hike in the amount of cars that you see in your parking lot within a short period of time. As one person sees the painted mounds, they will tell someone else who will then want to come and see it for themselves. Using the snow as a way to get more traffic to your business is an affordable and creative marketing tactic.

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