4 Common Mistakes That Can Be Made When Cleaning Tile

31 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Many homeowners take pride in having a clean home, which includes thoroughly cleaning their floors. For those with tile floors, it can be incredibly difficult to keep clean since you need to protect the finish of the tile and the color of the grout. When attempting to clean your tile floors, you may make one of these 4 mistakes in the process. They are easy to avoid, and will result in better looking floors.

Avoid Ammonia Or Bleach

Ammonia and bleach are very strong cleaning chemicals, and they will gradually discolor your grout the more you use it. You will want to stick to cleaning chemicals that are designed specifically for grout, as they are mild and keep the tile flooring looking great for years. Before you use a cleaning chemical on a tile floor, make sure it does not include ammonia or bleach just to be safe.

Avoid Scrubbing

One way to ruin the finish of your tile floors is by scrubbing the tile. Tile flooring will have a finish applied to it, and scrubbing the tile will cause the finish to disappear. It will make it easier for the tile to be stained from dirt and spills, which will make them look worse over time. Instead of scrubbing, stick to soft cloths and mops to clean the tile.

Avoid Vacuuming

Similar to scrubbing, using a vacuum will scratch your tile and remove the finish on them. This is due to the bristles on the vacuum that spin at high speeds. If you need to pick up dirt on your floor, use a broom and dustpan for the best results. It may be a little bit more effort, but it will be worth it to maintain the finish.

Avoid Using Too Much Water

When mopping a floor, you need to avoid using a sopping wet mop, as using too much water can discolor the tile. Tap water contains minerals that will damage the finish on the tiles and harm the color. All you need to do is be mindful of how much water you are putting on the floors, and the finish will be safe. It also helps to dry the tile with soft cloths to soak up excess water left on the floor.

Maintaining a tile floor is easy if you know what to avoid doing that can cause damage. If you follow these 4 tips, it will keep your home's tiles looking great for many years to come. If you don't have the time, contact a professional marble cleaning company.