Why Engineered Wooden Flooring Is The Perfect Choice For Your Kitchen

5 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Do you want wooden flooring installed in your kitchen, but are not sure which type to shop for? Then consider engineered wooden flooring, because of the advantages it offers. They have certain features which makes them a more suitable candidate for kitchens, when compared with other types of wooden flooring. To find out what these features are read on:

Moisture Resistant

Solid hardwood flooring will contract and expand depending on the levels of moisture in the air. This can be a disadvantage in your kitchen, because at times if you are cooking a lot of food at once the moisture levels might get significantly higher.

Engineered wooden flooring will not change in size regardless of what the level of moisture is in the air. Furthermore, it will not receive moisture related damage that other wooden flooring types are prone to. This is a perfect characteristic of wooden flooring to have for use in kitchens.

Better For The Environment

If you are conscious about the impact your buying decisions make on the environment, then you'll be pleased to know that engineered wooden flooring is the more environmentally friendly option. That's because instead of being sawed like solid hardwood is, it's sliced. This reduces the amount of wood that is wasted during manufacturing.

Additionally, the trees that are used to produce engineered flooring grow significantly faster than the ones used to manufacture solid hardwood.

Can Be Treated To Provide Durability

Engineered flooring has options that allow you to treat the flooring so that it becomes scratch resistant. If the kitchen items such as plates and knives can drop on the floor causing scratches. Then you'll need to hire a sanding machine to get those scratches removed.

It's far easier to opt for a finish that provides a protective barrier between the engineered flooring and the items that will inevitably be dropped.

Aesthetic Appeal

Engineered wooden flooring has a top layer that is identical to that of solid hardwood. Therefore, from an interior design point of view, they can be combined with wooden kitchen cabinets to get that luxurious kitchen feel.

Also, the feel of the engineered wood on your feet is identical to that of solid hardwood. It only differs from how it is constructed, and it's composition below the top layer. For that reason it is able to offer all the advantages of solid hardwood from an aesthetic viewpoint, but without the high price tag. To learn more about flooring, speak with a business like MD Walk On Wood Floors.