Creative Driveway Looks When You Need To Repave

22 September 2015
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Whether you want to boost your home's curb appeal or need to repair a worn or cracked driveway, there are numerous ways today you can make the entrance to your house more interesting. Here are some suggestions for driveway improvements that add beauty to your home's exterior and may even solve some problems for you too.

Add Variety When Budget Is a Concern

If price keeps you from having the fancy driveway of your dreams, you still have ways to add variety and sophistication to your driveway. You can use plain asphalt or concrete for a large portion of the driveway and make the apron at the garage or street a focus of interest.

If you're pouring a concrete driveway, you can stamp and stain the apron for any look you like, from Old World grapevine patterns to modern abstract shapes. You can also use cobblestone paving sheets or bricks for a classic look that you can do yourself. For a great brick pattern, try placing repeating rows of three bricks laid horizontally, then three vertically, sometimes called the Old Madrid look.

Improve Safety and Security

If you or perhaps a new driver in the family have trouble seeing your driveway in the dark, try adding low-voltage paver lights on the border, and continue them up the front walk for added safety. Paver lights sit flush with the driveway surface and have resin lenses that make them resistant to the wear and tear on your driveway.

This is another DIY project you can do to spice up an existing driveway or add to a new one when the pros are done. You can find these lights in kits that include the paver lights, connectors, a cable, and a transformer that steps down the 120-volt current from the house to 12 volts for outside use.

Break Up Long Swaths of Boring Concrete

If a long concrete driveway is making your home look dull, why not jazz it up? You can add pigment in just about any color to concrete when it's being mixed, and this looks great when you add stamping to give it pattern. You can even replicate slate or brick for less money and considerably less maintenance.

Stains, dyes, and tinted hardeners can intensify the look or add an artistic element. You can even add your house number in a size that's impossible for anyone to miss.

Go Green

Do you have a problem with rainwater runoff on your driveway? Are you tired of plain concrete? Now you can mix the two for the best of both worlds.

Try using porous concrete pavers planted with grass in the openings or large sheets of concrete interspersed with grass. It allows rain to soak into the grassy areas instead of running off or pooling, and it looks much more attractive. If you're concerned that this won't be tough enough, know that this technique is now being used all over at RV parks and boat ramps because it is at once durable, good looking, and eco-friendly.

For more information, contact a paving company in your area.