What You Should Know About Cleaning Flushable Portable Toilets

17 November 2015
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Flushable portable toilets are a great investment to provide restroom facilities at events and on construction sites. Unlike traditional plumbing systems that rely on your home's plumbing to clear away waste, a flushable portable toilet needs to be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis. While it isn't usually the most sought-after job at the event, understanding how to do it properly is important. Here's a look at what you need to know about cleaning out those flushable portable toilets you just rented.

When to Empty It

When you have the toilets delivered, have the technician show you how to monitor the storage tank fill level. The monitoring method can vary by toilet model, so you need to ask. Always try to empty the tank before it's completely full. It just makes the process easier.

In most situations, there's a "T" handle positioned at the base of the tank. You'll pull the handle out to view the tank. If you can see waste near the opening when you do this, it means the tank needs to be cleaned. You'll also want to make sure that you clean it out anytime the toilet will be sitting for more than a day without being used.

How to Empty It

Start by pumping water into the bowl using the flush reservoir. Add some of the cleaning disinfectant that the toilet rental service provided you into the opening of the toilet's reservoir. Don't put anything more than water into the toilet bowl itself, though. The cleaner can damage the bowl if you pour it straight in there.

Pull out the "T" handle again, then empty the water completely from the toilet reservoir using the flush handle. Once you've done that, you can close the opening of the reservoir and replace the "T" handle. Unlatch the toilet base from the top of the toilet, then lift the toilet, pulling the storage tank up.

You can dump the waste from the storage reservoir into a working toilet, or you can take it to a dumping station. To empty it, just unscrew the cap from the back of the container and flush the contents into the toilet or disposal container. Rinse the reservoir, then add disinfectant to sanitize it completely. Put the container back in place under the toilet, then put the toilet back in place and secure the latches.

If you need restrooms for your event or job site, flushable portable toilets are convenient and easier than standard portable units. Now that you know how to keep them clean, you can call a company like Mathena Septic Tank Service to rent them the next time you need one.