Everything You Need To Know About Two Staged Cooling

4 December 2015
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If you own a home or business with central air conditioner, you are probably familiar with the term heat pump. Two-stage cooling means your air conditioning unit has a compressor with two operational levels. One setting is for low levels on moderate days when it is not hot outside; the other is high for those pathetically hotter days. This means you have a more energy efficiency unit with a two stage cooling unit.

Most standard units have only one speed. That means your unit will have to run constantly on hotter days. You are wasting a lot of money because t is only considered a one-stage unit. In dollars and cents; that will sum up to the lower speed running approximately 80% of the time if you have a two stage unit because of the lower settings. The unit will not have to work as hard. This makes the two-stage air conditioner more energy efficient.

You are receiving a better humidification level in your home because the energy efficiency performance equals a lower energy cost. Your heat pump will also last longer because the two-stage system will adjust to the home's usage load when the temperatures rise. It can keep up with the demand. When the unit is not turning off and on so much, the unit can draw out the water vapor into the system and evaporate.

With a single-stage unit, the initial air will provide a cold blast, but as soon as the unit turns off, the air will become hot and stuffy. The continuous movement of air with the two-stage unit will keep the air circulation at an even and steady pace. There will not be variations in hot and cold spurts, but even comfort.

The Main Advantages Summarized

  • Less Temperature Swings: You have consistent temperatures day and night.
  • Humidity Levels Maintained: The unit runs evenly, using less energy and removing twice the humidity from the air.
  • More Economical: It is running more on a lower level versus turning off and on.
  • Less Strain on your Equipment: The turning on and off will cause more wear and tear on the unit.

You may find a single-stage will cost less at the time of purchase; but as time passes, are you really saving money? It will depend on your circumstances including the climate where you live. If you schedule regular maintenance, you will also benefit with a unit lasting much longer. You will know ahead of time before problems begin. It takes a trained professional like Bob Bergen Heating & Air Conditioning to check the system, but the cost of replacement will be much more than the annual fees.