Simple Home Repair Of A Window Screen

16 December 2015
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It only takes a small hole in a window screen to let flies and other insects into your house. In a few minutes and with materials available at your local home improvement store, you may be able to repair that screen yourself. Here are the steps to fix that window screen and stop the insects from finding a way into your house.

Tools and Materials You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Flat-blade screwdriver
  • Knife or box cutter
  • Old rags for cleanup
  • One heavy book

At the home improvement store, you may find a window screen repair kit that has all of the components you need. If not, you can buy the following items individually:

  • Roll of replacement screen material
  • Rubber strip, called the spline, that secures the screen into the frame
  • Spline tool for working with the rubber strip

Replacing the Window Screen

  1. Remove the window screen by pulling up and in on the bottom of the frame.
  2. Pry some of the rubber strip out of the frame, then pull on it to remove the strip entirely.
  3. Pull the screen material out of the frame.
  4. Clean the frame carefully, especially the channel in which the screen and rubber strip sat.
  5. Put the frame on a flat surface with the side with the channel facing up.
  6. Unroll the replacement screen over the frame.
  7. Trim the screen leaving several inches around the window screen frame.
  8. Place one end of the rubber strip on the screen over the channel and push it and the screen into the channel. Do this for a couple of inches.
  9. Place the concave roller of the spline tool on the rubber strip and press it and the screen into the channel as you roll it along the strip.
  10. When you get to a corner of the window frame, carefully push the rubber strip into the corner with the tip if the screwdriver.
  11. Use the spline tool on the next section of window frame.
  12. When you have completed two sections, place the book on the screen in the center of the frame. This keeps the screen at the right amount of tension so it doesn't deform the metal frame as you secure it into the channel.
  13. Continue with the last two sections of frame, using the screwdriver again at the corners.
  14. When you get to the end of the rubber strip that you started with, cut off the remaining strip as close to the end as possible so you don't have a big gap between the two ends.
  15. Tuck the final end into the channel with the screwdriver.
  16. Remove the book from the screen.
  17. Trim the excess screen material by holding the knife or box cutter at an angle against the rubber strip. Push the blade against the frame to cut the screen while pulling on the excess screen slightly.
  18. Replace the window screen by pushing the frame up into the window frame, then sliding the bottom down into the lower window frame.

Issues You May Encounter

If you experience any of the following problems, you'll want a window screen repair company to come out and finish the job. They will have all of the tools and supplies to handle the more challenging window screen issues.

  • Rust, corrosion or a bent window screen frame may prevent it from being removed from the window.
  • The standard sized roll of replacement screen is too narrow to cover the window screen frame.
  • The screen window is an older style that uses a permanently mounted screen instead of the rubber spline and channels.