How To Seal Grout In Your Bathtub

19 February 2016
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Tile bathtub floors are very durable and reliable. If they do have weak point, that is the grout. The grout is most susceptible to water damage and mold formation. This is especially true if you have tile in your bath basin, where the surface is frequently exposed to water. This is why it is so important to seal your grout lines every few years. In extremely wet environments, you might even want to repeat this process every single year. Sealing grout is a simple aspect of bathtub refinishing, and this article explains the quickest and most effective way to seal your grout lines in your tile tub.

What you Need for the Job

Grout sealant is sold in large plastic jugs (about the size of a milk carton) and is sold where tile is sold. You can order it online or pick it up at most flooring and home improvement stores. You want to choose a grout sealant that is designated for your type of tile. Since the sealant is meant to seal the entire floor, not just the grout, this is very important. Obviously, you need to determine if your tile is stone, ceramic, glazed, porcelain, etc. before you buy the sealant. You will also need some tile sponges and several lint-free rags. Painter's tape is also very important. You want to tape off the entire bottom edge of the tub sidewalls, if they are not also tile. Also tape over the drain and any metal components in the tub basin.

Applying the Sealant

Once the edges of your walls are all taped off, you can start by mopping your floor with warm water. Don't use any soap, which could leave behind a film and block the sealant from soaking into the grout. The best method is to just pour the sealant onto the tub floor and then spread it around as quickly as possible with the rags. Then, use the sponges to soak up the excess sealant. Let the floor sit and dry for at least an hour and then repeat the process. Multiple coats add more protection to the grout and ensure that you will not need to repeat the project too often.

After your last coat, you can remove the tape, but it is a good idea to stay out of the room for a full day while the sealant soaks deep into the grout. Then, use a dry rag to wipe away any film that may have formed on the tile. This is usually only an issue with shiny or ceramic tile.