First Time Ordering Heating Oil? A Quick Guide On What To Do

16 March 2016
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If you just purchased a home that uses oil as the heating source, you are going to need to have oil delivered to your home so you can keep it warm. Here is what you need to know in order to have a smooth oil delivery.

Ordering The Oil

The first thing you need to do is find out what companies in your area deliver oil to residential customers. Then, you need to find out what their minimum delivery requirements are. For example, many oil delivery companies require you to order at least a certain amount, say 250 liters. If the amount you need is below their required minimum, they will not deliver to your home.

Next, you need to find out what the capacity of your oil tank is. The capacity of your tank should be written on the side of it.

Once you know the capacity of your tank, you need to figure out how much oil you need delivered. You should have a gauge or monitor on your tank that tells you how much oil is currently inside of your tank. Subtract that number from the overall capacity of your tank to find out how much oil you need delivered. Make sure that the amount you need deliver meets or exceeds the minimum deliver requirements of your local oil delivery company 

Then, call your oil company and schedule your delivery for a date and time where you can be present. 

Before The Oil Arrives The Day Of The Delivery

Before your scheduled delivery time, make sure that all gates and access points are open so that the delivery driver can pull in their truck and access your tank. Remove or disable any tank locks you have on your heating oil tank before the driver arrives; this will make your delivery go more smoothly. 

Turn off your boiler so that sludge does not get into your heating system and damage it while the oil is being delivered. 

During The Delivery

There is not a lot that you need to do during the delivery. Just make sure that the driver resets the meter on the new tank to zero and make sure that the amount of oil delivered matches the amount on the delivery ticket. 

Also, ask your driver if they had any issues with access and what you can do in the future to make the delivery process smoother for them. 

After The Delivery

Turn your broiler back on after the oil is delivered. Put any safety devices or locks back onto your oil tank. Close and secure all doors, gates and access points to the oil. 

Following the steps above will ensure that your first delivery of heating oil goes smoothly. Write down the date of the deliver and check how much oil you use every week or so. This will give you a better idea of how much oil you use, and how quickly you use it. That information will help you schedule and plan for future oil deliveries. Contact an oil company, like Cash Oil or another location, for more information and help.