The Five Major Hidden Benefits Of Storm Windows

6 July 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Storm windows aren't just about protecting your home from the elements. Storm windows also have a few hidden benefits that homeowners often find attractive. If you're thinking about putting storm windows into your home, you might want to consider the following advantages.

1. Energy Conservation

In order to protect against the rain and wind, storm windows need to be extremely secure. This also makes them very well-insulated. Storm windows aid in energy conservation, which can reduce utility bills by a large margin each year.

2. Ease of Cleaning

Many storm windows open in a way that makes them much easier to clean. Not only can a storm window go up and down, but it can also open up to the inside of your home -- so it can be cleaned on both sides from the inside. Keeping windows clean is the best way to ensure that they last a long time.

3. Sound Reduction

As an additional benefit to the thickness of storm window glass, storm windows also reduce sound. Homeowners in high traffic areas can enjoy the quiet within their property -- and homeowners with loud sound systems can rest assured that they aren't bothering their neighbors. This also makes storm windows especially useful in urban or metropolitan areas. 

4. Protective Surfaces

Storm windows are usually installed with some form of protective surface, such as glazing. Protective surfaces aren't just useful during storms; they can dissuade those who are attempting to break in. This can also come in handy for homeowners with children, since a misplaced kick of a ball could potentially send the ball sailing through a traditional window. 

5. Solar Heat

Because storm windows are able to trap heat, they can be used for solar gain during the colder months. By opening the blinds and letting the heat in, homeowners will be able to heat their home a little through the power of the sun alone. Solar heat can be further increased through the use of solar efficient window dressings and tints. During the warmer summer months, blinds can simply be used to reflect the sunlight. 

And, of course, storm windows also fulfill their primary purpose: they are far better for those who could experience very harsh weather conditions. Storm windows are a little more expensive than traditional windows, but they may pay for themselves over time. A home contractor like those found at Southern Glass & Mirror can often run the estimates for a homeowner regarding savings based on the square footage of their home and current window installations.