Installing A USB Wall Outlet Is The Perfect Job For The Tech-Savvy Family

6 August 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you find that you're constantly buying wall adapters that will allow you to plug your smartphone and tablet charging cables into the wall outlets of your home to charge them, it's time to put your money to a better use. Instead of buying these adapters for each member of your family, it's a better idea to swap out some standard wall outlets in your home and replace them with USB wall outlets. These outlets, which you commonly see at high-end hotels and some airports, will allow your family members to charge their devices without needing an adapter. A licensed electrician can handle this job for you, but you can also do it yourself. Here are some things to think about.

Pick The Best Locations

There's no point in replacing all the wall outlets in your home with USB wall outlets, but making this switch in several key areas is worthwhile. You'll need to think about the ideal locations throughout your home for these outlets. Above the kitchen counter is ideal if your family members often charge their phones in this location. Next to the couch in the TV room is equally suitable, especially if your family uses casting devices to send videos from their phones to the TV. Another key location is next to the bed of each family member, especially if you and your family enjoy using smartphones or tablets before you go to sleep each night.

Essential Tools

Once you've chosen your locations and bought the USB wall outlets, you just need to assemble a small selection of tools. Typically, all you'll need for this job is a screwdriver. A circuit tester can also be valuable to touch to the outlet after you've turned off the power. Circuit testers are available in several styles, but all of them serve to confirm that there's no live current that could give you a shock.

Making The Switch

The process of switching your old wall outlets for USB wall outlets is very simple, although you should consult an electrician if you're nervous about this job. After you shut off the power to the outlet and tested the outlet to confirm that it's dead, it's simply a matter of removing the face plate, unscrewing the old outlet from the wall bracket and disconnecting the black, white and copper wires. Installing the new USB wall outlet essentially involves reversing the above steps — connect the three wires, mount the new outlet to the wall bracket and screw the face plate into place.

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