Preparing For The Next Drought When Your Well Is Recovering From The Last One

29 December 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Drought is a hazard of living anywhere where there's normally rain. At any time, weather patterns could change and make the rain stop for months or years, and there's really nothing you can do about that other than be prepared. If you get your water from a well and you're just about recovered from the last drought, take some steps to prepare for the next one. With luck, the next one will be many, many years away, but it's better to prepare now and not need to worry than to ignore the situation and find a new drought starting up unexpectedly.

Check the Well Pump

Lower well levels mean higher stress on pumps that are trying to provide a certain amount of water at a certain pressure. Now that the water levels in your well are returning to normal, have the pump inspected to see if it's still in decent shape. If it went through too much stress or pulled up water that was too silty, it may need to be cleaned, serviced, or even replaced. Do that now.

Check the Well Water Depth 

Even if the well appears to be near normal again, monitor the water levels for a while. When droughts end there's a tendency for people to splurge a little on water usage — finally they can take a shower longer than a couple of minutes that sort of thing. You need an idea of how the water levels are changing as use increases because right now, the levels may look normal, but they could change as people use more water and as more people start moving into the area.

Keep Bottled Water in Stock

Start a rotating stock of bottled water and keep it going. Expand it if you can so that you have a few weeks' worth (if you have that sort of storage space). If you don't have much space, at least get a couple of weeks' worth of bottled water. That will ensure you have enough to use for cooking and drinking while you seek out remedies if another drought hits. Use the water occasionally and get new bottles so you can keep the supplies relatively fresh.

Well companies are used to dealing with droughts and can give you more information on what to expect now that the last drought is over. Being prepared now means that when another drought hits, the effects on you won't be nearly as tough as they are on those who are unprepared.