Options To Consider When You Buy A New Commercial Garage Door

7 August 2017
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Commercial garage doors serve multiple purposes. They function as a door and they add to the appearance of your building. If the doors are situated on the front of your building where they are easily visible, they make a first impression on your customers. Therefore, you want doors that are attractive. However, you also want doors that provide all the features you need. Here are some of the options you can look for in new commercial garage doors.

Full View Doors

These doors are almost entirely transparent. This allows customers to see inside your garage. You might want this type of door if you run a car shop or provide some other service that customers would want to view from the street. A full view door also benefits your employees because it lets in a lot of natural light and it allows employees a wall of windows to look out of so they don't feel cramped if they have to work in the area all day.

Insulated Doors

If you store inventory in the garage or if employees work in there, you'll want to control the climate to keep them comfortable. To do that, you'll need an insulated commercial garage door. These can be made from a variety of materials and they have extra insulation added between the doors or added to the back. They also have tight seals and weatherstripping to keep out air leaks.

Garage Door With Doors

Your garage door can double as an entry door even when it's closed if you buy a garage door that has a door in it. This is a convenient option if your garage is short on doors because it allows employees easy access to the work area and it acts as an escape door in an emergency. The door is cut into the garage door and functions like a traditional door.

Another door option is a system with a breakaway bottom panel. This allows the entire bottom portion of the garage door to flip up without having to open the garage door itself. This allows for wider access that allows small equipment such as forklifts or carts to come and go while the upper part of the garage door is closed.

Commercial garage doors can be made for use as hard-working loading dock doors in the back of your building or as attractive garage entry doors on the front. You can even buy commercial doors made of fabric so they go up and down much quicker when you need to control the climate inside. The doors come with a variety of window configurations and colors so you can choose the door that best suits your building and business.

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