Concrete Pumping: Equipment Used And The Benefits Of Concrete Pumping

1 October 2017
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Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials; however, it can sometimes be difficult to pour, especially when it is being used in large volumes. Concrete starts as a liquid and it thickens as it dries, so it has to be installed rather quickly, and not all job sites have easy access for standard concrete trucks. With the appropriate type of equipment, concrete can be delivered and poured into tight places; in an area where a standard concrete truck usually wouldn't fit.

Concrete Pumping Equipment

There are several types of machines used to pump the concrete, including:

  • Boom trucks, which have the pump and the concrete on board, have extremely long reach capabilities by way of an "arm", allowing the truck to remain in one place while pumping the concrete throughout various locations on the job site.  With a boom truck, the concrete can be mixed and stored on the truck.
  • A line pump is a portable unit that allows the operator to move around on the job site. Line pumps are often used for the installation of sidewalks, patios and swimming pools. Unlike the boom truck, this type of pump is moveable, so it is commonly used on job sites that have a large number of sites requiring concrete delivery.  A line pump also differs from a boom truck in that it is not self-contained, so the concrete must be mixed and stored elsewhere.
  • A separate placing boom is used to bring concrete to areas that are difficult to reach with a boom truck or if there isn't a boom truck available. A placing boom is a large pump that is mounted on a strong frame and often used to pour large amounts of concrete, such as for the installation of a concrete slab.

Benefits of Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping enables contractors to deliver the concrete to almost any location, regardless of the site location or how difficult the site is to access.  With the use of a boom truck or an extendable boom, concrete can be delivered to areas that are below ground, at high levels, away from the road and even by passing between other buildings.  Concrete pumping allows the required concrete to be delivered to a job site without disrupting and damaging the construction site area from heavy trucks continuously driving across the construction site.

When searching for a concrete company that provides pumping services, it is important that you provide as much information as possible about the job site and type of concrete needed. This will make it easier for the concrete company to determine which concrete pumping machine will be the best suited for the job.