Do You Have Moisture Concerns Around Your Windows? What To Do

29 August 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you can notice some paint buckling and bubbling around the windows and you think that there are water concerns because of your old windows, it's time to get the window replacement professionals to your home. You want to find out where you are losing heat and wasting energy, and if you have damage around the property because of the poor windows. Here are some of the things to consider when you are evaluating the situation and figuring out what move you need to make next to help protect your home.

Invest in the Right Windows

You want to be sure that you invest in the right windows when you are ready to spend the money.  Choose windows that have the following criteria:

  • Energy Star approval
  • Vinyl cladding
  • Low-E coating
  • Product and installation warranty
  • U-Value between .20-1.2

The window professionals can talk with you about which windows come with the best warranty and have the best efficiency rating, so you can make the smartest investment for your home.

Get an Energy Audit

You want to do an energy audit to see if not only the windows need to be replaced, but also the window boxes that are framed in the walls to hold the windows in place. The experts will test for air loss, and you can see where the air is coming out of the house, and what areas you need to fix. If air is getting through, that means there is also a chance that water and pests can enter the home.

Look for Mold Damages

 The window professionals can also look for mold damages, to see if there are water issues that need treated before new windows are put in. Not only do you need to treat the mold that is around the windows, but you will have to make sure that it hasn't spread throughout the house and to other structural materials.

There are a lot of different professionals that install windows. Make sure that you find a contractor that is licensed and bonded, and that is certified to install the type of windows that you want to use throughout your property. Making this upgrade and change isn't just going to restore your home and protect it from further damage, but it's also going to improve the value of the property as well. Find out which windows are the best for your home, and look different security and tint features as well.