Want To Paint Your Apartment? 3 Tips For Working With Your Landlord

18 November 2018
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Moving into a rental apartment means that you will have some limitations regarding what you can do with the unit. While you can mount a television, decorations, and photos on the wall, you may not be able to paint the walls without getting permission from your landlord beforehand.

If you want to stay in the apartment for a long time and you are interested in painting, you should consider a few tips for working with your landlord to allow you to paint the inside.

Choose a Neutral Color

Trying to paint the walls in a dark and bold color such as red or blue may lead to a difficult task of getting approval from your landlord. Although you may like the idea of having these colors in your rental, these bold colors can make it more challenging for the landlord to market the rental.

Also, painting over a dark color once you move out will require more effort compared to going over a light color. When you make a request to paint the walls to your landlord, you should consider suggesting a neutral color such as cream, beige, or light gray. In an ideal situation, your landlord may want to keep the paint color when they rent the unit out to the next tenant.

Paint Accent Walls

If you are not able to get approval for painting all the walls or you do not want to go through the effort of painting them all, you may want to put in a request to paint accent walls. When you only want to paint one wall in the living room and another one in your bedroom, you may not have a tough time getting approval from a landlord, even if you want to go with a bright and bold color.

Hire Painters

While you can put time and effort into painting on your own, you may have an easier time convincing your landlord to let you paint the apartment when you offer to hire painters. This will ensure that the painting results will meet or exceed your landlord's standard for painting.

Also, you will not have to worry about making any mistakes such as getting paint on the flooring. Even the process of applying paint evenly to make a wall look great is not a simple task.

When you want to paint your apartment, you should consider hiring painters like Klenosky Paint and being flexible with your wall and color choices to increase the chance of getting approval from your landlord.