Sewer Cleaning: A Guide For The Homeowner

13 February 2019
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Has your toilet been flushing more slowly than normal or is wastewater from the toilet backing up into your bathroom? If these problems are occurring in your home, then you may have a clogged sewer drain that needs to be cleaned. If this issue is not addressed promptly, then you could have large amounts of wastewater and sewage damaging your floors. Here is a brief guide for homeowners regarding cleaning out sewer lines.

Do it Yourself

You might be able to resolve the problem on your own if the issue is not too serious. Find the drain cleanout, which is a white pipe that extends above the ground. It will usually be in the backyard or a side yard near the foundation or garage. The cleanout will have a screw-on cap that you can easily remove. Stick a tool called sewer rod, which can be found at most home improvement stores, down the opening of the drain. Extend the rod until it meets with heavy resistance. When the rod is obstructed and no longer passes through the line, you have found the clog. Use the handle to twist the rod and move it back and forth until the clog is broken up.

Another alternative is to purchase a drain cleaner that is made specifically for sewer drains. Typically, you pour the cleaner into the toilet rather the sewer drain cleanout but make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Either of these methods might work in some cases, although they may fail to remove larger clogs.


If you an unable to clean the sewer line on your own, or you simply would rather avoid dealing with this type of messy problem yourself, then the next step is to call in a professional. A sewer cleaning service will have the training and equipment to handle the job and make certain that it's done right.

For example, a sewer cleaning service can stick a small camera into the sewer line and see exactly what is causing the clog. They also have high-powered tools that can bust through any clog and thoroughly clean the line. One of the main tools used by sewer cleaners is a long piece of metal called a snake that is attached to a power source. The power source allows the snake to break up large compacted clogs with ease. Another effective tool is called a sewer jet. It releases a powerful stream of water into the drain line to clean it out.

For more detailed information about cleaning sewer lines, contact a sewer cleaning company in your city.