Give Your Cedar Fence A New Look With Whitewash

30 December 2014
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Cedar fences are known for their ability to withstand the elements without any sort of finish or paint. However, this does not mean you cannot paint them if you prefer a painted fence to a natural one. A great way to give a cedar fence a painted facelift without completely hiding the beautiful grain of the wood is to whitewash it. This is a job you can probably tackle on your own over a weekend. Read More 

The Deadly Components Of Air Conditioning And Why You Need A Professional To Repair Them

18 December 2014
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Everyone takes heating and air conditioning for granted. Sometimes they take the repair technicians for granted too, never realizing what dangerous work air conditioning repair really is. If you have never thought about the dangers of this job or you are completely in the dark, now is the time to learn about them. Refrigerants' Skin and Body-Damaging Effects Although an air conditioning service and repair technician may never actually breathe in the gas refrigerants used in air conditioners, he or she might encounter situations where the liquid portion of the refrigerants could leak onto the skin. Read More 

4 Deciduous Landscape Trees That Add Brilliant Fall Color To Your Landscape

17 December 2014
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The yellow, gold, orange, red, russet and burgundy leaves that transform your green landscape trees into the image of fall are a beautiful addition to any landscape. There are many deciduous trees that produce the warm colors of fall, so you're sure to find the perfect tree for your yard. And, once deciduous trees are mature, they rarely require pruning, unless there is damage to the limbs or disease that warrants cutting back limbs and tree pruning. Read More