Preparing For The Next Drought When Your Well Is Recovering From The Last One

29 December 2016
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Drought is a hazard of living anywhere where there's normally rain. At any time, weather patterns could change and make the rain stop for months or years, and there's really nothing you can do about that other than be prepared. If you get your water from a well and you're just about recovered from the last drought, take some steps to prepare for the next one. With luck, the next one will be many, many years away, but it's better to prepare now and not need to worry than to ignore the situation and find a new drought starting up unexpectedly. Read More 

Think You Can’t Afford To Have Your Central Air Unit Fixed? - Think Again

16 September 2016
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In some cases, faulty central air units will begin to malfunction in the weeks or months before they give out completely. Others may find out that their cooling system no longer works when they go to turn them on. The good news is that HVAC maintenance is very affordable, and people on a fixed income have many different options for paying for repairs. Professional HVAC Maintenance Payment Options If you know that your central air, heating, or cooling unit needs to be serviced, repaired, or replaced, you can communicate with a service company about what can be done to make repairs more affordable. Read More 

Important Kitchen Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

25 August 2016
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Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of their home. However, a kitchen can also be a pretty dangerous place. After all, kitchens are equipped with sharp knives and have exposed hot surfaces, boiling water, and sizzling grease. If you aren't careful, you could get seriously injured in your kitchen. Fortunately, you can use some of these tips to make your kitchen a safer place. Keep Your Knives Sharp Read More 

Installing A USB Wall Outlet Is The Perfect Job For The Tech-Savvy Family

6 August 2016
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If you find that you're constantly buying wall adapters that will allow you to plug your smartphone and tablet charging cables into the wall outlets of your home to charge them, it's time to put your money to a better use. Instead of buying these adapters for each member of your family, it's a better idea to swap out some standard wall outlets in your home and replace them with USB wall outlets. Read More 

The Five Major Hidden Benefits Of Storm Windows

6 July 2016
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Storm windows aren't just about protecting your home from the elements. Storm windows also have a few hidden benefits that homeowners often find attractive. If you're thinking about putting storm windows into your home, you might want to consider the following advantages. 1. Energy Conservation In order to protect against the rain and wind, storm windows need to be extremely secure. This also makes them very well-insulated. Storm windows aid in energy conservation, which can reduce utility bills by a large margin each year. Read More