Basement Finishing Questions Answered

8 April 2018
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A basement finishing project can be something that you will need to undertake. However, if you have never undertaken a basement finishing project, you may have a very limited understanding of what will need to go in this project. Researching some answers to the questions that are most commonly asked about these projects will help you with managing this type of work to your home. Are There Any Advantages To Finishing The Basement? Read More 

How To Care For Your Butcher Block Countertops

26 February 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Custom countertops are beautiful and can add texture and a beautiful look to any kitchen. Butcher block counters specifically are sturdy and can last quite a long time if you care for them properly. Without the proper care and maintenance, you could end up with a stained, burned and gouged piece of wood in your kitchen that could be an unhealthy place to prepare food. See below for tips on how to care for your butcher block counters. Read More 

Ceramic Tiles Are Perfect For Custom Homes

17 January 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are building a custom home and want to give it a fresh new style, you should think very closely about roofing material you want to install. The roof is going to largely determine the overall style of your property. It is also going to effect the performance, insulation, and maintenance of your entire home. Obviously, depending on where you live and what your budget is, some materials might not be very practical. Read More